Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another good day!

The last couple of days, I have seen progress. We have a sheet of sentences to complete from the speech therapist and tonight Mom did better than she ever has with those. Today when I got there at noon, I watched in the therapy room through the door while the OT worked with her using her right hand. She was doing really well. I can't let her see me because she gets unfocused really easily. The PT said she is walking better and farther. They have ordered an orthopedic gizmo for her right foot that will hold her foot up and not allow it to drag her toes. Today I am feeling better about everything. Of course, it helps that I have spent the last two days at her house working in the yard and mowing. My brother got back this evening and he called a little while ago and said our potatoes are coming up. I have been so busy at her house that I didn't look at the garden...well, except for my tomatoes! I water them every day. Glad to have him back. He will start the tiller for me tomorrow so I can start tilling the garden. He already has it disked up, but now it must be tilled before the planting can begin. And yes, God, some rain would be good..ok!


Anonymous said...

SUPER NEWS !! She IS still making progress......yes ! Beth
You will be surprised how much that contraption will help and how simple it is.

Anonymous said...

And God, we wouldn't mind a healing, while you are listening. Beth

Sandy said...

Thanks, Beth!