Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My mom had to be at the hospital for a carotid ultra sound this morning. That's usually no problem because it's our local hospital here in my town. Easy in...easy out! NOT TODAY! There were at least 15 residents from a couple of mental health homes there today all getting blood work done. They were all over the place...totally unable to sit down and be quiet! Those assistants that work with them are saints. I could never do it!

Problem solved!

Finally figured out that if gladiolus bulbs are planted under hydrangeas in the winter when there are no leaves on them, they will force themselves through the hydrangeas and the hydrangea holds the top heavy blooms up. I can't take credit for matching up the colors, but they match the hydrangeas exactly....both the pink and the purple!

I'm sorry..I couldn't help myself!

Remember those berries I picked yesterday? They magically turned into this!