Thursday, November 30, 2006

Home Again....

I got Mom home by about 4 today. Doesn't appear that she had a heart attack. Her pulse is still in the 80's, which is too high for her very damaged heart. She only has about 60% use of her heart due to her major heart attack, so the cardiologist wants it to beat fewer times. Usually it is in the 50's. The hospital made an appointment for her in a couple of weeks to see her regular cardiologist, who is in Shreveport.

I am very tired from 2 days of hospital and ER life, so I have turned on my warming blanket and I am about to snuggle up with my Winnie the Pooh blanket and watch Survivor. The weather changed dramatically while I was at the hospital today. It was 75 when I went in and 42 when I came out with Mom. If I am a good daughter, I will make a pot of potato soup tomorrow and take it to them. We'll see how that turns out!!! Brows

UPDATE: Well, CRAP! I fell asleep in the last 5 minutes of Survivor and don't know who got booted!!!