Saturday, April 23, 2005



This is a webpage I designed in a 2 day workshop while I was still teaching. The info is out of date and some of the links don't work, but I have NO CLUE how to get to it to change it. Ooops! I must have missed that part of the workshop!

Still Waiting for Today's Blessing......

Rather than just be negative, which I am not prone to do, let's just say the weather today was absolutely divine! I watched some of the Member/Guest golf tournament put on by the Mens' Golf Association at my local course. It was even a little chilly for Southeast Texas!

Now.....forgive me for this one tad of negativism! On my way to get in my workout today, I stopped in for just an exterior car wash. Before they run the car through, someone does a visual check all around the car to check for any damage and marks it down. I was asked to look at it and initial it. problem! Imagine my surprise when I got in my car to leave and there was a big half moon crack running down my windshield. They refused to take responsibility because they say only cloth touches the car. I did not go back and look, but I believe they have a huge blower with wheels that runs over the car's surface. I realize there had to be a weakness in the windshield for that to happen, but I was still furious! OK..I'm done ranting and I will not go back there.Never made it to the gym.

Yesterday, I saw the movie, A Lot Like Love. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was light and can I just say that Ashton Kutcher is just adorable? It had no guns, no car chases, no fights, very little profanity, and some nudity. Hey, it was Ashton Kutcher, so I am not complaining!