Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh MY!

Birdie A year or so ago I nailed a bluebird house on the wooden fence around my house. It is in a sort of protected place between the house and the fence, but in an area that I can see from my recliner. It's never had a bird near least that's what I thought! I have never seen a bird go in it or even light near it. A few days ago I opened it just to look because I was going to take it down and there was a nest in there with 4 eggs. I still have never seen a bird, so I thought it was just abandoned. Today I looked again and one of the babies was hatching. I STILL have not seen a mom or dad bird around. Of course, now I'm worried that they won't get fed. I guess they will since surely the mom had to be sitting on the eggs for them to hatch. I think they may be wrens.

I checked on my other babies that I found last week and they have flown away. I never get to see them fly away!