Saturday, May 09, 2009

Good times revisited!

I got the coolest thing in the mail today. For several months now, I have been addicted to Facebook. Most of my friends on there are former students, but I have also re-connected with some college pals. One of them sent me a DVD that he had made from old 8mm film of us back when we were 21 and CRAZY! Of course, there is no sound and it is fuzzy, but so very interesting. Some of the people I don't even remember, but there  is some footage of when we were at Louisiana Tech and after we all moved to Lake Charles together and started our careers together. Good times!

Busy day!

The day was filled with familial duties, but it would have been a good day to catch up in my yard. Didn't happen. Had to take my mom to dinner on the grounds at the cemetery where all her family is and where the rest of us will be. I'm thinking that this will be a custom that I abandon after she is gone. I actually don't know anybody there and today even she didn't know many of them. The custom used to be that everyone would bring their hoes and rakes and clean the cemetery twice a year. Well, now it is all mowed, but people still come and bring a covered dish and flowers and eat together. It was fun when I was a so much!

My aunt turned 93 today and I didn't even make it get a piece of her birthday cake. I did see her yesterday though.

Tonight I went with the fam to eat catfish, so I have done the family thing all day.