Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fruitful day!

Everyone knows I am totally anal about my yard. I don't like even one leaf in the yard or the flower beds. I removed every last leaf last week and then we had big winds which brought more leaves from somebody else's yard. So today I took on the task yet again. I even mowed the dead grass. I'm apparently not crazy because my neighbor across the street was on his lawn mower, too. Of course, he has a huge yard and 2 riding lawn mowers. My next door neighbor, however, stopped by and told me I WAS crazy! Easy for her to say since she hires someone to do her yard!

Tomorrow I will be at Dad's all day. My friend from high school is bringing him a truck load of compost for the garden and she has built him some raised beds that she intends to fix for him. Mom is cooking and we are working in the garden. My back still hurts, but I can't dwell on that. I work 5 minutes and rest 10, but I get it done!!