Monday, June 12, 2006


Six weeks ago I went to a Chase Bank branch in the nearest city to me to close my accounts in Texas. At the time there was some activity....automatic transfer from checking to savings...that happened every month. I was told to call the next day and the closures would be made. I forgot to call, but I called a day later and sent an email as well to the customer service rep who was handling the process. Naturally, I assumed it was taken care of......WRONG! It was not. I found this out when I got mail from Chase saying they had charged my credit card to put money into my savings because there was no money in the checking account! WTF! Of course, they also charge a fee to do this. I was livid and was back at that branch this morning before it even opened. Once again because there is action taking place in the account, I have to call them tomorrow to make sure they got it closed! Incompetence just makes me CRAZY!!!