Thursday, October 23, 2008

Very random day..

Sometimes I lose my mind and do something totally off the wall random. It's not
a new phenomenon...but one I have always embraced. My mom called this morning and said the bank wanted her, Dad, me and my brother to come show some ID for a new system they were putting in. Both my brother and I are authorized to sign checks on my parents'  checking account. I do it all the time because I buy groceries for them a lot. My brother just doesn't do it. Anyway, I went to get Mom and Dad and took them to the bank and got that chore done. daughterly duties done, I went to lunch with the ladies at a place we had not been before. As I left there, I realized I was on the road that I used to take to college since there was not yet an interstate there. I took the road less traveled today and ended up back in my old college town by way of the country road that I took many times while I was a student there. The college has nothing much left there that was there when I was. It's mostly all new. I want to go back on a Saturday or Sunday when I can park and get out and look around at the core campus. I've been told the "Lady of the Mist" is still in the center of the campus. She's a statue in a fountain. Hey, I found a picture of her.