Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm waiting.....

I'm just sure the Food Network is trying to contact me. Yes, I picked the blueberries. Yes, I made the cobbler. Yes, it is really, really good! I surprised even me!!

Still not finished!

I spent two hours trying to finish up the yard today in the heat of the day. I know....I know...I'm an idiot! I finished the mowing, but still did not quite finish the edging. I kept having to sit down to rest and cool off. Last year I had a tall fan in the garage that I would sit in front of, but it bit the dust over the winter in the attic. I think another one needs to be on my "to buy" list. Edging just kicks my butt and I have to stop a lot because my back hurts and my arms get tired, but I usually keep plugging along until I get it all done. That didn't happen today. The back yard didn't get edged yet. I'll do it tomorrow. I think I will go now to my brother's and pick some blueberries....maybe even make something good with them!!!