Friday, August 18, 2006

Saints or Da Boys!

This graphic thing is making me crazy. I can't give equal space to the Saints for this entry. That's OK...they don't need equal space. All the talk all over the TV is the exhibition game between the Saints and the Cowboys Monday night in Shreveport. First of all, it is too damned HOT for football. It will be over 100 degrees on the field Monday night and miserable in the, the cheapest tickets are $100 and parking is $15. That's just insane!

Coke Blak

I have not always been a coffee drinker and when I do it is really doctored up with all kinds of flavorings. This coke just drew me to it...a fusion of coke and coffee. At first, I wasn't sure if I liked it, but now it is sort of addictive. They are very expensive, so I won't be buying them often, but I keep going back to the fridge and taking a swig of an opened one I keep in there. They have some high fructose syrup and some aspartame, but the small ones are only 45 calories and 12 carbs, so it doesn't do a number on my blood sugar. What's up with this!!!!....a graphic finally showed up!


I spent most of yesterday in Shreveport looking at scrapbook stuff. Today and last night I got 13 pages done and I am quite happy about that! What I am not happy about is that I still cannot get images to upload!!! GRRRR! Fortunately, I can use graphics from I went to blogger help and found lots of complaints just like mine, so they are working on the problem. Doesn't happen to everyone...just us special people!!