Friday, March 23, 2007


The only constructive thing I have done today is cook a cake, which is cooling right now. This is a test post because I can't figure out why the graphic won't stay where it is in the preview.

Thank God....

that I have the option of doing absolutely nothing if that's what I feel like doing! Today was one of those days that I had plans to do stuff, but ended up piled up on my bed sleeping a good part of the day. I have pavers bought and ready for my next project, but today I just didn't want to I didn't! The tree pollen here is terrible and my whole world is green. Yesterday, I cleaned it off everything and a few minutes later it was all covered again, so screw it. I have the power washer out ready to wash down everything, but it would be pointless to do now. Soon construction will begin behind me and there will be big time dust everywhere. We are again desperately dry and dust is rampant anyway. It's a losing battle!