Saturday, March 17, 2012

He's BACK!

My Bro is back and it makes me very happy. Well, he always brings me orange creams from the candy store!, I don't have to rush and get things done at my house so I can head to Mom's to be there by the time the caregiver leaves at 3. Except the one day when that mean old lady kidnapped my mother, Mom did OK. She missed my brother like crazy. I asked her when I got there if she talked to Stewart yesterday morning. She started on and on about something which I could not understand and then just busted out crying! Oh, my! What have I started was all I could think about. Turns out she just missed him!

My brother is insisting that I take a little R & R as well. It's different when I do it because we have to hire someone to come in to help because he cannot take her to the bathroom. She only has to go one time while I am there, but someone has to be there to take her and I hate to have to pay a caregiver $10 and hour because I am gone. We are blowing through her money like crazy. I am thinking I may check in a couple of days at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, Texas....just outside Dallas. Never been there, but I hear wonderful things and all I want to do is rest in luxury! Judging from the cost of the rooms, they damn sure better be luxurious!