Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

As usual on Father's Day, I went to be with my dad at his church and was shocked to find out that he wasn't there. He just did not feel well today. Mom said the area around his port was puffy, so I went and looked at it and took his temperature to make sure there was no infection. He didn't have a temp and his port looked fine to me. I'll be taking him for his first chemo tomorrow. Of course, he's worried about me having to wait that long for him. I'm worried about him because he is a very impatient man and doesn't just sit still very easily. He has macular degeneration, so he can't read. He will have a TV that he can watch, but even that gets old after a while. Things are just SUCKY right now. I'm trying to find the positive, but so far I have failed at that!