Sunday, August 09, 2009

Just another manic Sunday...

I think the song is Manic Monday, but for me it's Sunday. Before I even got home from my brother's after having lunch there with the family, he called me to tell me he had to go pick Mom up again. That's twice this week she has fallen and had to use the button around her neck to call for help. The people who monitor the button call my brother and he goes to get her up. Earlier this week she fell on her walker and broke it. We are getting it replaced. She must have really good bones, but she has never been a milk drinker. She won't touch it!!! She gets bruised up, but so far has not broken anything.

My dad is just so pitiful. He is going to go back tomorrow and see if something can be done about his hearing aid. He didn't eat any lunch and just wants to die. I wish he could because I just hate seeing him so miserable. It's just too sad for me to see.