Monday, March 26, 2007

Lazy...sort of!

Edited to add: My hummer came back for his evening meal, so today is the offical first day of my hummers. He's all by himself right now, but I'm sure he'll invite his friends.

I saw my first hummer today at my feeder,but I told him "Hi, welcome back"! and he left. Haven't seen him since. Mom saw one last week. Maybe these are scouts looking for feeders.

I'm just too LAZY! I actually did do my new project with the pavers this morning, but that is pretty much all. Oh, yeah and I did use the spreader to put out this high priced three in one stuff. It's supposed to kill the weeds, feed the grass, and prevent fire ants. I'll be the judge of that. It had to be watered in immediately, so I did that even though it is supposed to rain tomorrow. I sure hope so. OK...I guess I'm not as lazy as I thought. I just didn't get any of the stuff on my list done...not even the baseball game, which is going on right now.