Monday, April 27, 2009

Update #2!

No fever today as of yet. If it hasn't raised its ugly head by now, it probably won't. Strange stuff to have fever high enough to cause chills one day and nothing the next! My energy is still non existent and lower back pains persist. I am pretty much worthless!


Something overtook my whole being...chills and fever came! Exactly the same thing as a few months ago when nothing showed up in any of the tests I had at the doc's office. He gave me an antibiotic then, so I am taking it again. Fever broke last night and I have none now, but as I recall, last time it came back with a vengeance every afternoon for a few days last time. When I say with a vengeance, I am serious. The fever goes high enough that I have to turn off all AC and fans and get under an electric blanket while shivering intensely.

Tomorrow I have to take Dad to the oncologist, so I have to be well. My brother has a big day filled with lots of stuff, so he will not be available to take Dad. I guess if we have to, we can change the appointment, but I don't want to because Dad doesn't feel well. So there, illness....GO AWAY! I'm too busy!