Friday, November 30, 2007


Just when I thought I was about through with this hand drama, my doctor's office called and said the pathology was a cancer, but not a kind that would spread to other organs. BUT>>> he wanted to go back in there after it heals better and cut around the edges! OUCH! OKAY....I'm all over getting everything out of there and I guess he is just making sure to remove the whole area, but if it won't spread...WHY? I'm confused!

Tiz the SEASON!

Yes, the season for eating has started and I have to back off. It's not even December and I went out to dinner or lunch 4 times this week, not including tonight when I plan to do it again. Yesterday was killer. I went to lunch with the ladies, a Christmas tea at the Arbor, where my aunt is in assisted living care, and out again last night after a Krewe meeting to dinner. Last night I discovered the bacon wrapped broiled shrimp. It was an appetizer, but I ordered it for dinner and could only eat 3 of the 6 shrimp. They were huge and delish!! Tonight is my cousin's last night here before she returns home to Virginia, so we are going out again.