Friday, February 22, 2008

Why I HATE rebates!

I bought a new Motorola RAZR phone when I switched to AT&T in early January. A $50 rebate was part of the deal, so the salesperson did all the paperwork (which is ridiculous) for me and put it in an envelope for me. I made copies of it all and sent it off. Today I got a letter that they couldn't process my rebate because it didn't have the receipts and the barcodes in it. I KNOW it did. I was livid and I called to let them know I was livid. They don't much care. I'm sure they hope everyone will just give up and not re-send the rebate info. WRONG! I will NOT stop until I get my slimy, little, stupid rebate in my greedy little paws!

Cease and desist!

Once again I am helping my doctor to retire early. His staff told me they all need new cars and I should just keep on coming in. Infection showed up in the urinalysis, so I had a shot of rocephin and now am on cipro for 10 days. I am so tired of medicine. I also had a CBC that I have a feeling will not be normal. Usually, I am very upbeat and not at all negative about my health because I always think I am fine and in relative good health, but I don't have a good feeling about this blood test. I hope I'm wrong!

Tonight I still have a slight temp, but not enough to make me miss going my favorite place to pig out on catfish. Trust me...I ate it all. I order a child's plate, but there is no child that can eat that much. I don't eat the fries or the hush puppies, but I do some damage on some catfish. We have a favorite waitress there that always treats us so nice. She always brings us "to die for" onion rings even though we don't order them. She is an avid Mudbugs (local ice hockey) fan. She takes her daughter and her 9 year old niece who has cancer. My dad asked her how much it costs for them to all go the hockey games. He was going to pay for their tickets, but she told him the team gives them free tickets because the little girl with cancer is such a fan.
Hockey 7