Sunday, April 24, 2005

Shameful Sunday!

Today I did something that I will never do again. To set the scene, it was 49 degrees and absolutely postcard perfect in Southeast Texas this morning. The temperature was predicted to rise to the 70's only. For this time of year that is just unheard of. By now, we are usually seeing temps into the 90's with high humidities. I made the decision to bypass church today and go straight to the golf course. I justified it to myself that by going early, while EVERYONE else is in church, the course will not be crowded and I can get in a good round of 18 with a decent score and turn in the card to be used on my next handicap adjustment. WRONG! Well, I was right about the course being sparsely occupied, but I felt guilty and played horribly the entire 18 holes. Back when I was spiritually dormant, I would have done this in a heartbeat and felt no pangs of guilt. I am happy to say that those days are gone. I told a fellow player whose ball landed in my fairway that I was playing badly as well and I felt guilty because I should be in church. He told me a joke about the preacher who made a hole-in-one, but couldn't tell anyone about it because he did it on a Sunday!!!!