Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Totally struck out..

One of the requirements of the Mardi Gras Krewe that I joined is to buy a black tuxedo jacket. It is to be decorated with all kinds of appliques, sequins, and all kinds of gaudy stuff. In the introductory letter, we were told where we could buy a used jacket. Well, I went there today and it was closed. Then I went to the scrapbook store and it was closed, so I accomplished nothing except having lunch with the ladies at one of their houses. Well, I did manage to spend $1300 on a computer and I still have to buy whatever I need to get it set up wirelessly.

I did it!

I have been researching this for two whole days...not a lot, I know, but I finally took the plunge and ordered a Dell Inspiron 1721. It's PINK!