Friday, December 01, 2006

Nevermind IE7

Well, I have already uninstalled it!!! It wouldn't open any links which came in an email or a newsgroup. Probably just something I didn't have set correctly, but I don't feel like Beta testing Microsoft's toys. Now my IE6 doesn't have everything like I had it before. CRAP!

I took the plunge...

and downloaded IE7 when prompted to do so during my Microsoft Automatic Update. I was skeptical, but so far everything seems to be doing fine. There are a few changes, but nothing dramatic. The font is different and darker on every page. It will take a little getting used to, but, hey, change is inevitable.


Recliner Today has been a restful slothful day. The few things I did accomplish did not require my leaving the comfort of my home or my flannel lounging clothes. I paid bills on line and cooked potato soup. I didn't take any to Mom and Dad's because I remembered that she had a luncheon to go to and her regular hair appointment. I do, of course, realize how fortunate I am that I can stay home and do nothing if that's what I want to do. I piled up on my bed with my Pooh blanket planning to watch Rebel Without A Cause, but promptly fell asleep.

Dad called a couple of times and told me the home health people had been there and they were going to be checking on her every day for awhile. That makes me feel better and it helps Dad's feelings as well. My brother is snowed in up in Branson. The things on their schedule for today were cancelled. He will probably come home tomorrow if they can get out.
Buried In Snow