Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Update: I give up...blogger is cutting this post short. I have tried twice and it cuts it off at the same place!!! Great!!!

I have a case of the "blahs". This is very rare for me and it doesn't feel good. I know if I would get out and take a walk in the sunshine, I would feel better. I picked up some bloodwork results yesterday and I guess the doctor had not perused them yet. His office called and said some of the numbers were out of whack and I needed to come in so he could talk to me about them. I'm going in Monday. Several things were in the "out of range" column, all relating to liver or kidneys. Creatinine was 1.3H (0.5-1.2); GFR Estimated was 44L (>60); Albumin 4.8H (3.2-4.6); AST 50H (3-35); ALT 44H (3-40); Triglycerides have come down 56 points in 3 months, but they are still 184H (<150).>
Current Mood: Wiped Out