Monday, October 11, 2010

What a project!

I am involved in a project at Mom's that just keeps getting bigger. Due to their having a big house with central heat that they chose NOT to use in the winter, there is now mildew or mold on curtains and walls in the never used or heated living room. Dad was very frugal and couldn't understand why the whole house needed to be heated when he had space heaters in the rooms in which they lived. We have checked the heating system and it works fine. He had it completely
 disconnected, but we have had it reconnected and will be using it this winter. Now there is mold/mildew which would not be there if they had kept the heat on. My project is to take down the curtains, move all the furniture and clean the mildew/mold off the white walls. It comes off fairly easily, but the windows are wood and the paint chips off when I try to clean them. The hardwood floors even have mold/mildew on them around the walls and under the I have my work cut out for me. I am doing it in small sections and one window at a time, so it is OK. Mom will be so glad to have it all clean again.

Oh, and thank you, sweet baby Jesus, for the ever so gentle rain today. We are appreciative of every drop. Now we need about 14 more inches!