Monday, February 11, 2008


There was a time when my doorbell ringing at all hours was common, but not now! Friday night my doorbell rang twice after 1 in the morning. Of course, I did not even think about opening it. Finally, I did go and look out a window and saw a stalled vehicle out on the street. I did not know whether to call 911 or not. How was I to know it wasn't some drunk who would just kick in my door? Anyone who would ring the bell at a house with no lights on can't be dealing with a full deck anyway. And who on Earth does not own a cell phone! I had the phone in my hand, but it wasn't an emergency. My brother told me it could have easily turned into an emergency and, yes, I should have called 911! Next time I will know!

The WORK season has begun!

I was at Dad's by 8 this morning. My brother laughed at me for being there so early. It is sooooo not like me! I told him I wanted to get there while he was there so he could start the tiller for me. He did and I got a lot done. Tomorrow the rains come and winter returns to mess up what I did today. The rain will make the tilled area all hard again, but I will do it again and get it ready to plant potatoes.
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