Friday, May 15, 2009

Good day on the farm!

Finally, I was able to start the tiller (without having to call my brother), and till more of the garden. It was really hard work because it was still sort of wet and the tires don't help much with the self propelling! I got a lot done, but I am worn to a frazzel! Four more rows of corn are planted, okra is planted, and peas are planted. Dad had already planted the okra before I got there. My brother had started the tiller for him and he prepared one row before giving out. He cannot see well enough to plant, so there is no telling how the okra is planted. Bless his little heart though...he tries so hard.

Mom's pastor had brought her kale this morning, so she cooked kale and hot water cornbread for lunch. It was good. I never ate kale before, but it tasted just like turnip greens. Good!

Tonight we are going to eat catfish. Tomorrow I will be free and not obligated to anyone. Woohoo! It is supposed to rain again tomorrow, so that's why I was adamant about getting stuff in the ground today. The only thing I didn't get planted was my row of zinnias. We have sunflowers planted and I have a row all prepared for zinnias, but I ran out of steam!!!!