Wednesday, August 01, 2007

God at Work

Someone from my Sunday School class called this morning to tell me that another of our members had died. She and her husband were evacuees from Katrina and they lost everything. Both were in poor health, but they faithfully came to Sunday School even though they are Catholics. A fund was started by our class this morning at 8:30. I took my donation to the church this morning and told my cousin the story. My cousin and I were having dinner tonight at a restaurant when my Sunday School teachers came in with the husband of the deceased wife. My cousin had just given me some cash to donate to the fund. My Sunday School teacher came over to say hello and I told her that I had another donation to make to the fund. She said we didn't need any more. People had been so generous that one of the men from the class is taking the husband to buy him a suit tomorrow and we are buying some casket flowers and the casket. That's what it's all about.....doing the right thing!!!