Monday, April 07, 2008


These words are most often misused and it drives me bonkers. It even happens on professional signs, webpages, TV's freakin' everywhere!

  • its = apostrophe EVER
  • it's= it is
  • their= possession
  • there= a place
  • they're= they are
  • your= possession
  • you're=you are

When I was a teacher, I harped on this...but, alas, no one learned!

AT&T Bozos...once again!

They made me send in the rebate info twice. Two days after I sent it in the second time, I received my rebate card worth $50 as promised. Of course, they had not yet received the info I submitted the second time. Last week I got a text message that my rebate had been mailed. OK. Whatever! Today I got a second $50 rebate card and NO, I am not honest enough to send it back. The damn phone was way overpriced anyway and I don't want to reward incompetence!! I'm off to buy some more stuff!