Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's nesting time

My bluebirds never went anywhere for the winter. Bluebirds and robins just hung around here all winter and we did have some pretty cold weather. Lately I have been checking my bluebird house to see if they have started building a nest. Much to my surprise today the nest was all built. How do they do this without my ever seeing them? I cleaned out the old nest from last season and had it all ready for them to rebuild and they did. My cousin, who is an expert on bluebirds, told me they would be back. I have not seen any hummers yet, but I have a new feeder ready to put out for them. I'm anxiously awaiting the days I can sit on my patio and watch the hummers fight each other!!

The fruits of my labor...

Last fall before I planted my pansies in the big pots, I planted daffodil bulbs. The bulbs have come up right through the pansies as I hoped they would. Right now the pots are really looking pretty and there are daffodils in places I didn't even remember planting them. Every day is a new surprise. Each day I survey all my plants to see what is coming back out. I'm happy to say that all of my hydrangeas have come back out. I think I even see a smidgen of green at the bottom of my angel trumpets. I thought they were gone for sure, but there may be hope. I still have two roses that have not put on any new growth. Mom says they will, but I'm not so sure.

I got nuthin'!