Thursday, September 14, 2006

I'm HOOKED yet again!

This time it's Survivor. I was on the phone long distance at straight up 7 P.M. when the first Survivor was coming on. I did not want to have to drop that phone and pretend I lost the connection, but I would have. I am going to have to program the VCR to record it in case that ever happens again. Unfortunately, I don't have DVR or TiVo yet! I have seen every season of this show and they keep getting better plus Jeff Probst is just HOT!

Today's project completed....

I have never cared about decorating outside until I got a house. Now I can't wait for Christmas! Since Christmas is slow in coming, I did a little fall decor today. Have a look! Pretty cute, huh!

Fall flowers

Yesterday I planted two flats of yellow snapdragons and 8 yellow mums in my little flower bed around the tree out front. Those flowers are really crammed in there, so when they are blooming, I hope it will be a show piece flower bed. I just love working in the yard. My hard work always manifests itself in my yard. I am so anal about having every thing just perfect.

My neighbor bought a pewter bird bath at the PX at Barksdale Air Force Base yesterday. We have been discussing birdbaths for a while. Hers is beautiful and she offered to go back and buy one for me (since I can't shop at the PX), but I had to decline because the damn thing has frogs on it. Have I mentioned lately that I don't like frogs? She thinks I'm nuts! Someone gave my mom a rain gauge that has a frog wrapped all around it. It's ugly. She knew I didn't want it, but she offered anyway!!!

Engine restarted.....

My engine, that is! The cool weather has me in Farmer Brown mode again. My neighbor came to get me this morning and we took our 1.2 mile walk. This walk is very different from 1.2 miles in my former neighborhood in Texas. I live in a very hilly area now, but in Texas where I came from there were NO hills. So it is a pretty good, beneficial walk.

After we returned, I went to Mom and Dad's to check on them. Dad said he is feeling better, but he just looks bad to me. I cleaned out the rose garden and threw all the old, dead rose bushes away. My brother came over and tilled the area that I cleaned and we got it all ready to plant collard greens and turnip greens. Yeah! Good soul food for the winter!!