Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I was wrong!

I thought today would be a day for hanging out at home and just staying cool! Didn't happen. Dad called this morning to ask if I could meet them at Wal Mart and help Mom get groceries. Of course, I did. He handed me a $100 bill as I was leaving. Nice TIP!

This afternoon I had to go to Bossier City to my friend, Joy's, aunt's house. Joy's father has had one of my antique clocks for several months because it wouldn't run since my move. He brought it to Bossier City and I went over to get it. He only had the insides of the clock. I still had the case hanging on my wall. I took the case over there and he put the clock in the case, hung it on a wall and we waited to see if it was going to run. It did. He loaded it in the car and it promptly fell over on the first turn, but I have it hung up now and it has been running for an hour and chiming beautifully. Yep, I'm happy.