Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Going, going, gone....

 I was very impressed that every last one of my first cousins from both sides of my family came to my dad's funeral. Even one from Virginia and one from Florida. Also, a dear friend came from South Carolina and another couple of dear friends from my old home town of Orange, Texas. My friends ROCK! They have helped me get through this and that includes my online friends that I haven't even met face to face and my Facebook friends, who have shown me so much affection with their notes of condolence to me. Four of my Thursday lunch friends were there as well and I didn't even know it until they sent me emails after the service. Those who were unable to come have sent flowers and memorials to my dad's church. I am very blessed with awesome friends.

I have already taken my ambien, so it could kick it before I finish this post. At least, I hope it kicks in sometime. Ambien is not as successful at making me sleep as I had hoped. Last night I tried xanax and that didn't work so well either. Tonight I am already stressing because it was last Wednesday night at 11:45 that I got the call that daddy was gone...only 3 hours after I had left him just knowing I had seen him alive for the last time. I miss him so much.