Monday, December 29, 2008

My bulleted day!

  • Short trip to Shreveport
  • Filled tank  for less than $20  :)
  • Took 93 more pounds of pecans to be of 181 pounds this year
  • Got car washed
  • Got groceries while in Shreveport
  • Had time to eat half my Heavenly Ham sandwich
  • Went to get Dad to take him to doctor to remove his stitches
  • Took him and Mom to see their daughter-in-law at the hospital
  • Took them back home
  • Came back to my home and ate the other half of my sandwich
  • watched some TV
  • Fed my Facebook addiction
  • Ate PBJ sandwich (there's a pattern here)
  • Now I'm about to crawl up in my bed and watch my DVR programs that I missed today!
  • WHEW!