Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm ready!

Saturday is our open house for all the neighborhood homes. The house is all decorated, so today I focused on the outside before it rains again and turns cold again. I mowed all the leaves and used the leaf vacuum to get them out of the flower beds. Then it was to the attic to drag out a few outside decorations and see if I had any Christmas cards. I didn't. Sometimes after the season, I buy Christmas cards on sale for the next season. Apparently, last year I didn't do that. I wish I had because now I have to go to Shreveport and search for the perfect Christmas card. Mine always must have a snowman on them. I'm obsessed with snowmen.

Next, I went to Mom's and cleaned her kitchen while she was gone to a church function. Then I picked up more pecans and have them in my car to take them to get shelled. Maybe tomorrow I'll finish everything else before the party on Saturday. I have all the cheese and wine and crackers bought, so I'm set. Floors still must be cleaned and furniture must be dusted.