Monday, December 04, 2006


I have to find something to wear to a Mardi Gras Ball, but I hate shopping for such items. I swung by Dillard's today to see what they had, but I didn't find anything I liked. I also managed to swing by a gas station, Home Depot, a nursery for some pine straw, and the grocery store without dropping a huge amount of money. I have been spending way too much and it has to stop.....unless, of course, I hit the jackpot at Christmas. Doubt that will happen this year. I just need to get a grip and stop spending needlessly.

Shopping Spree

When I looked at the WeatherBug on my computer this morning, it said 21 degrees. This temp is from Barksdale Air Force Base, which is 20 miles from me. Tonight is supposed to be even colder, but that's fine with me. I like to go out on the patio and just absorb it, then come in and get under my warming blanket! I know....I'm weird that way!!