Friday, April 27, 2012


Didn't realize that I had been gone so long. Not much has been happening. Mom is doing really well, but her slightly younger sister had a stroke and she has turned into a really mean person. She has been so "off the chain" that her children could not even tell her that her husband had a stroke as well and died. Not sure they have even told her yet and he died on April 15th. She has been on the Senior Psychiatric unit of the hospital to try to find something that will calm her down. Made me ever so grateful that Mom's stroke left her unable to walk and talk instead of just being a mean old woman. She is even mean to her own children. It's really quite sad. I am afraid to go visit my aunt for fear that she would be mean to me.

Gardening is well underway, which is great therapy for both my brother and me. We had to re-plant almost everything due to hard rains that hardened the ground so the little seeds couldn't push through. We have tomatoes, squash, beets, cucumbers, bell peppers, okra, corn, and eggplant. Brother also has sugar cane planted.