Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Brain storm.....

Yes, I had one, so shut up...all of you! There is ONE thing that I can do really, really well.....unfortunately, it is make candy! Last night I decided that I should make candy and put it in little decorative tins for all the ladies that really took me in here... the ones that I go to lunch with on Thursdays. I made fudge this morning, then went to purchase the tins and finish my Christmas shopping in Shreveport. When I got back, I made pralines. Now these pralines are to die for. I usually have to make them a couple of times each Christmas (the only time I make them) before I perfect them. Tonight the first batch got dropped too early and didn't set up perfectly like they must be to give to others. Soooooo.....I made batch #2....PERFECTO! There is a secret to my success in making awesome candies. It is to toast the pecans with butter and salt before putting them in the candy!!! This is easily done in the microwave in about 5 minutes. Just move on over, Paula Deen! I bet she doesn't know this secret. She doesn't even pronounce pecans right...she calls them peeee-cans! WTH...the woman is from Georgia, the pecan capital of the world!!!
Cooking Dinner