Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Exhausting day...

My brother took my mom and dad for Dad's appointment to get his CT scan at 10:00 while I went to another appointment to see if I qualify for an investigative gout study. I met up with them at the hospital where incompetence was rampant. It's no secret how I feel about incompetence. They failed to tell him he had to drink some stuff the night before, so he drank it when he got there, but then the machine broke down and he had to go somewhere else to get scanned. The kicker is that he had to wait 2 hours after drinking the prep stuff before they could do the scan. The man could not eat after midnight last night, so he was starving. We were late to the oncologist, but we called ahead to let them know why.

The oncologist is awesome. The CT scan revealed no cancer outside the lungs, but it is in both lungs. The only treatment is chemo. It is STAGE IV. We are getting a port put in Tuesday and Chemo starts Wednesday for 3 days. Its potency will be adjusted so as not to be so toxic on a frail 86 year old. The doc will check after the first round to see if it is helping. He thinks it will help him to breathe better. We wait about 3 weeks for the second round. This is a very aggressive cancer that has probably only been there a short time.