Thursday, December 11, 2008


I went in for my usual 3 month check up and blood work, which, as a diabetic, is necessary. I just happened to ask doc about a little spot on my wrist and he busted out with his "freeze it off" machine and zapped it....And while he was at it, he zapped one on the side of my face as well! I wasn't prepared for that. It hurt at the time, but now neither of them hurts, so I'm all good.

Every day, while my brother is on vacation, I am going to his house and feeding his 9 lab puppies at 4:30. Someone else feeds them at two other times during the day. They are so cute...little black puppies everywhere. I have to switch them to a clean pen and wash out the dirty pen for their next switch in the morning.
Today our lunch group ate at one of the lady's home. She made antipasta, which was perfect since we all eat too much food during the holidays. Of course, she also had pralines! Hey, it's Louisiana!