Friday, June 20, 2008

Another scare!

When I went to see Dad today, his jugular vein was really hard and it was bothering him. I took him to get a Sonic burger and he wanted to stop back by the doc's office, but it was closed for lunch. When Mom got home from the beauty shop, she took him to the doctor's office. Doc was gone, but his staff called the surgeon who put the port in. She told Dad to go to the hospital and get an x-ray of the area. They couldn't get me on the phone, but the doc's office manager left me a message telling me where my parents were and that I should go to the hospital and find them. My brother is hosting a rehearsal dinner at his lake house, so he was out of pocket. As soon as I got home and got the message, I rushed to the hospital and found Mom sitting in a wheel chair in the waiting room. They thought she needed a wheel chair worse than Dad. Turns out that his neck had been swollen since they put the port in last Friday and when the swelling went down the vein was very prominent and hard. We all learned something new! There was a plastic tube in that vein coming from his port!!! Crisis averted!!!
Scared 2

Thank goodness!

Finally, I got a break! The abscess that I thought was coming did not materialize after I started back on antibiotics. I went to the doc yesterday morning as he instructed, but he was not there. His wife is a pediatrician and between the two of them, they could not get the fever down of their youngest child. I saw his truck at his office later on during the day, so I'm sure everything is OK now.
Thank God

My dad is sleeping a lot. I hope this is the only side effect that he gets from the chemo since he is getting 1/3 of the usual dosage due to his age. I make sure I see him every day.