Friday, February 23, 2007

My sentiments exactly.....

Updated to add: Oops, she updated her blog...scroll down to Friday, Feb. 23rd...those are my sentiments!

except this blogger is much better at expressing her opinion than I am. She is hilarious!!! I wish I had said this! ROTFL

Whew... AGAIN!

It's been another whirlwind day. The matching rose bed is built..sort of. The edgers are up and that's the hardest part. Those suckers are heavy. I sprayed the inside of the bed with Round-Up to kill the grass. I think I am going to skip the sand part this time. Going to the oil field and shoveling that sand into the truck is too taxing on my weak muscles. My muscles went on a long vacation and they haven't come back yet. I went to Mom and Dad's for a few minutes because tomorrow is supposed to be bad weather and I will probably want to just stay home until I go to a dinner party tomorrow night. I came back home and mowed the front yard....again much too taxing on me. After showering and taking a short rest, I picked up meds for Mom at Wally World, then slipped off by myself to the buffet at Harrah's. On Friday night they have crab legs. It costs and arm and a leg, but YUM-MO!
Sit Up Mowing The Lawn Buffet Recliner Sleeping

My day in pictures!