Friday, June 10, 2011


I had a caregiver come in at 5 today and give me the night off...first one since October 29th. The evening was spent going to a grocery store in Bossier City and Chik-fil-A! Big night on the town, but I was glad just to go do something by myself. My friends have trouble getting had to put her husband in the nursing home (he's much older than her), another has her husband in the hospital, another has her mother living with her, another is out of town caring for her mother-in-law, another is on stand-by waiting to be called to New Hampshire where her sister is in bad shape...another has her nephews here from Maui......and it just goes on and it isn't just me that is tied down!!!!! I even felt guilty that a stranger was putting my mom to bed tonight. That's my job and I have done it every night even when she was in the hospital and the rehab. I have to make sure she is comfortable and tell her good night and that I love her. I told her that before I left her this evening, but it wasn't the same as telling her after I put her to bed.

We had our first major problem caused by caregivers. Someone has been putting the baby wipes in the toilet. The whole septic system got stopped up and my poor brother had to dig it all up and run the snake through it and after a couple of days of trying, he finally got it unclogged and that's what he found. Of course, no one admits to flushing those things. Only an idiot would not know those things are NOT flushable! They are not the little Charmin wipes that are flushable, but the big baby wipes! We also had to get new field lines put in today. That was not the result of the wipes being flushed, but something that just needed to be done due to roots of the huge magnolia tree which my brother also cut down earlier this week. That man has worked so hard this week and all of it at my mom's. Today after the guys finished with the field lines, my brother had to go paint at his church. He is glad this week is over. He admitted he is weary and he never says that.....he just keeps going and going like the Energizer bunny! I feel sorry for him.