Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Did I make a costly mistake?

I have been on some Dell message boards and found out that Dell is having major production problems. People who ordered their Dells in June still have not received them, yet Dell is still taking orders that they cannot fill and they fail to mention that when the order is placed. According to the message boards, they have lost many, many customers over this. I had hoped to have mine up and running and know how to use it...plus have all my stuff added on it before I leave at the end of September on my road trip. That may not happen. It seems that the magic ship date is August 28th. Everyone seems to have been given that as a target date. Mine was originally due to ship on July 31st and they knew when I ordered it that they were having problems. I just didn't know!! Unlike most people, I don't need mine for work or school. I can wait. All the reviews of the one I ordered are excellent, so I guess I can just chill!!