Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My personal whirlwind....

Mom called this morning and the Home Health nurse was at her house. Mom's pulse was way higher than usual so the nurse called her cardiologist who then instructed Mom to go to the ER for an EKG and blood tests. I went to get her and bring her back here to the ER. They are keeping her overnight in the hospital to run some more tests and keep an eye on her heart. For 2 of her heart attacks, the only symptoms she had was elevated heart rate. They don't believe she had a heart attack this time. After I got her settled in a room, I went and got Dad. He didn't come with us originally because he was coughing and has a cold, but he wanted to come see about her after they kept her in the hospital. My brother is in Branson still, but he has called several times and offered to come home, but I told him no. My mom's sister was also in the hospital on the same floor, but she went home today. She wouldn't leave until they let her go see Mom. I finally got a chance to go grab a burger and run by home at 3. My cousin took Dad back home, so I wouldn't have to do that.
Beating Heart