Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Great Day!

When I went to check on Mom today, it was my plan to pick up the rest of the pecans. Stewart had already told her the crows ate them all, but I went to look for myself. Yes, there are hulls everywhere as evidence that the crows had a feast. Merry Christmas, crows!!!!

Then I moved on to another project, which was mulching leaves in the front yard. My brother had already cleaned the back yard before he went on vacation. It took me all morning, but it looked nice when I left. There are very few leaves left to fall, but they were flying when I left.

Home health sent a wheel chair to Mom's today because the wound care specialist told her to stay off her foot and she will need one after she has surgery on her foot. It will give us time to move things that are in the way and her time to get used to using it before her surgery.

I took my brother a box of Kansas City steaks , a honey baked ham from Heavenly Hams, and I made them a box of pralines. They don't need anything, but I wanted to do something for them. They are so good about taking care of Mom and checking on her several times a day. Of course, she is his mom, too, but lots of men wouldn't do as good as he does about looking after his mother.