Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Promise kept

When  my 61 year old brother was born, Mom and Dad hired someone to clean house once a week. This same lady did that until about 3 years ago when her health began to fail at age 87. She is now in a nursing home in Shreveport. None of us had seen her since her children moved her to this facility. Her son came to Dad's funeral and we promised him that we were going to see his mother. Today we fulfilled that promise. She was expecting us and was very happy to see us. We were so glad we went. Her mind is still good, but her body has failed her. We took her a box of candy and visited with her a short while. It was a good day!

Also, today I had the duty of picking up the death certificates from the funeral home. Who knew we would need 10 death certificates!!!! Turns out every single account or name change requires a death certificate. I guess we can meet with the lawyer now and get Dad's name off everything and get Mom's name on everything. Her name is already on most everything, but there are still a lot of things that must be done.