Tuesday, June 19, 2007

When God Winks

This is the title of a book that basically says there is no such thing as a coincidence. I totally believe this. Today was yet another example of it in my life. I spent the morning at our garden picking beans and using up two tanks of Round Up. Of course, Mom cooked lunch. Peas, corn on the cob, corn bread, new potatoes, tomatoes and peaches with ice cream. Don't hate! I came home knowing that at some point today Mom and Dad were coming to Wal Mart for groceries. They didn't call me to come help, but at one point something told me to go to Wal Mart and see if they were there. I found their car in the parking lot, so I went in. I found them way in the back and Mom had sweat dripping off her face. That is an indication of low blood sugar unless she is just hot. It's not hot in Wal Mart, so I asked if she was having a low blood sugar. She always says no, but one of the symptoms is an addled brain. She does not realize she is having one. I immediately went and grabbed a coke for her and she got alright. I still had to have her go sit down while I checked out her groceries and put them in the car for her. Coincidence? I think not! She could have passed smooth out. Dad doesn't have a clue. He never knows if she is having a blood sugar issue. Good thing I showed up!!!