Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I hate lizards!

OK...I'm a big ol' baby and I admit it, but I have lived here in a new home, on new ground, for 3+ years and I had my first lizard today.  Operative word here is HAD! He was in a window in my garage. I sprayed that little sucker with wasp spray trying to drown him. He thought it was a spa, I guess....unfazed! Finally, I got the broom and killed him. He's dead...but still on the window sill. I don't want to touch him! I can't help's a phobia that also includes snakes and most anything that can move faster than me! These days....that's practically every living thing!! I know it's irrational so leave me alone!!!

Sweet day on the farm!

Mom cooked the potatoes, cornbread, and squash. I cooked the pork, which I did NOT like. It was one of those already seasoned ones from Sam's, but it had way too much garlic for my taste. In fact, I am throwing the rest of it away because I REALLY don't like it. After lunch my dad, my brother and I planted some sweet potatoes. My brother ordered 4 different varieties, so this is his project. It's still too wet to till the soil and plant the okra, but we did start to soak the okra seeds today, so we will be able to plant it later this week. No more rain is predicted.