Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mission NOT Accomplished!

All those things I was going to do to my rose bed today didn't happen! However, my income tax got done....not by me...but it got done to my satisfaction. I always do my own, but for some reason, I just couldn't do it this year. It cost me $130 at H&R Block, but I am getting a $300 refund. She asked me if I wanted to do my state taxes as well. Uh! NO! I came here from Texas where there was NO income tax. My broker told me that he didn't think I had to pay state taxes because none of my income is from Louisiana. I asked the lady today about it and she thought that was right, but she was about to ask someone else to know for sure. I asked her to not ask! I like the "don't ask, don't tell" rule!


The word is jewel-ry! It is not jew-le-ry! Please get it right. Jew-ry has to do with Jews, so don't say that either!! It's Valentine's and the ad agencies seem to always hire goof balls who don't know how to say the word. If you can't say it right, just call it "BLING"!!!

While I'm at it, DO NOT DRIVE IN THE PASSING LANE (That would be the left lane for you pinheads) on the Interstate or any other four lane road!! That causes ROAD RAGE even in demure, shy, calm little me! SHUT UP!

And it is NOT Wal-Marts.....It is WAL MART! No "s"!!!
I feel better now! Thanks!


I have ranted about this before, but nothing ruffles my feathers more. I have spent two days trying to straighten out a mistake made by an employee of Farmer's Insurance. I pay my bills using epay from my bank. My last payment in January got credited to some else's account at Farmer's. All the info from my end was correct. When I got my bill yesterday, it showed that I didn't pay last month. I immediately got on line because, yes, that indeed could happen, but it didn't!!! I had to print out the proof that I paid and take it to my local office so they could fax it to the moron's who goofed up!!! It's always something!!!!