Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's going to be a great Christmas!

Yesterday I took Dad to the oncologist after a couple of months rest. He had a chest x-ray and the doc couldn't find anything right now to be concerned about. There are still some slight shadows, but nothing like it was before treatment. His port is infected, so we are hoping to get it out on Thursday. I'm not sure the surgeon will remove it as long as the infection is there. Seems to me the chances of infection getting in the blood stream would be too great.


Mom, on the other hand, after going with us to Dad's oncologist in the morning had to go to her doctor because her foot was hurting so badly. She thought maybe it was gout, but the doc said it wasn't. She has an infection, which is really not good for a diabetic to have on her foot. I got meds for both of them and took the meds to them yesterday. Today, hers is much better, but his is not.


The temp has not risen above 35 today, so I have been hunkered down by the fireplace and making candy again. I had gumbo at a friend's house today, but after that, my butt was back home keeping warm!